Publishing Syllabi outside of the LMS

We have been struggling with the content management for items that repeat throughout a number of courses (sections of the same course) and items that are themselves parts of another item which is used repeatedly, such as a standardized policy section of a syllabus.

What we have come up with at this time is using WordPress to create templates which will populate automatically from certain posts (such as all-college policy, and all program content), and will carry a common theme (CSS). There is still plenty of tweaking going on and will probably continue to be as we are rolling out the syllabi project this fall – which is pretty modern, and is known in some circles as “agile design”.

We will be updating you on the progress of this project. Right now, we have three programs putting their syllabi there, and that will keep growing. We are still working on the kinks that show up intermittently, especially when we are talking about plugins. We are using a print as PDF plugin to ensure accessibility and just plain convenience of the text. The plugin allows not just the conversion of the entire web page to PDF, but also its custom setup, you can choose to exclude the unwanted items and only print the most relevant info – and thus save the trees!

The final user interface is expected to be extremely clean and friendly,


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