What if your students created viral videos as course projects?

It might just work! Sure writing papers is academically significant and is a way to demonstrate understanding, analysis, and such. No question that putting together a web site is collaborative and there are opportunities to make changes after peers offer feedback on the project.

But if good videos carried a good message and through right distribution affected thousands of people and how they think? What if content was presented in a persuasive way, and had immediate impact? We can shoot for the stars, right?

Truth is that a good story is part of the success. Viral by itself isn’t much, it has to have a message. But it also needs to be produced well. What if we could attract high quality production people? What if there were local resources we could rely on? This might be worth looking into.

This video is one of those viral ones. The article presents a perspective on the process (you will not be able to miss the sales pitch in it for Visual.ly, but there is good content nonetheless).


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