Blackboard Content Editor

I am excited to present this new format to you for our Weekly Tip! I thought of starting this on a blog anyway, but just at that moment I went the faster way, and now the content will need to be migrated over, but it will be well worth it!

So, today we will talk a little bit about the editor. There has been some trouble going around with it, in addition to its previous limitations.

Let me first start with the things I like about it.

Hummm…. Well…

Just kidding! Here they are!

  1. You can easily change the color of your text and the background. And when you messed up, you can clean up by using the remove formatting button, and you can always undo it! The sacred UNDO actually works on formatting. Great!
  2. File is selected on upload. Yes, if you want to attach a file, and you browse the course, and then upload a file from your computer, it’s already selected upon uploading and you just have to submit.

Now, things that cause problems and/or don’t work:

  1. So called “context menu”, or “copy/paste/cut” in the editor’s own tools. Don’t ask why. These just won’t work for a while.
  2. In order to copy/paste/cut you have to use keyboard shortcuts (Windows: CTRL+C,V, and X respectively, on Macs: COMMAND+C,V, and X). You can also use the menu from the browser (EDIT>COPY or PASTE or CUT).
  3. Recently, Safari and Chrome have been revolting against copying and pasting from the browser. While Safari will give you an inch every now and then, Chrome says “Uh-uh”. Both browser will paste from a TextEdit, MS Word, and other applications (Pages), OR will PASTE AND MATCH STYLE from within a browser, which is actually a pretty neat option, if you ask me. You can also go into the HTML window and paste all you want with shortcuts.
  4. Spellcheck won’t work in Firefox.

What if there was a video tutorial on this? Well, there is a tutorial from Blackboard, and I think we can be very proactive and post our questions and comments right under this YouTube video. Let’s be an engaged online learning community of Bb users of all kinds and force encourage Blackboard to address our editing needs.


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